It’s clear you have a strong passion for comedy. Who are your inspirations and why?
Madeline Kahn and Catherine O’Hara. I think they both have a freedom and theatricality in their comedy. They are not afraid to look foolish, in fact they relish in it, even while often pretending to be outraged that anyone would think them ridiculous. Catherine O’Hara is comedy perfection whether she’s Kevin’s mom in Home Alone, Delia Deetz in Beetlejuice or Moira on Schitt’s Creek!


With over 250 Audiobooks recorded, name your favourite and why?
Vassa In The Night by Sarah Porter. It’s a dark modern fairytale set in Brooklyn and I love a little mythology, a little magic, and getting to voice a few not entirely human characters, including a tough talking wooden doll.


Dream Role(s)
Diane Chambers on Cheers, a feisty friend of Midge’s on The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, Tracy Lord in The Philadelphia Story, and the ladies of The 39 Steps to name a few!