Why such a strong passion for Comedy?
Comedy has always been a big part as to why I wanted to become an actor. I’ve grown up watching comedy films, actors and performers such as Jim Carey, Lee Evans and Laurel and Hardy who have all been massive inspirations (just to name a few). For me, there is nothing better than making a person or an audience laugh and feeling you have them in the palm of your hand for the rest of the performance which is a really powerful tool for storytelling. And we all need a good laugh every now and then.

Tell us a secret Guilty pleasure?
I’d say imitating people can be very fun, copying their walk or their voice and speech patterns is a very entertaining experience, especially when you show them your imitation and they completely disagree with what you do! Which normally means you’ve got it spot on!

Dream Role(s)
For theatre I would absolutely love to be involved in The Play That Goes Wrong, I think the character of Max would be amazing and so much fun to play!  For film I’d love to play Spider-man as he’s one of my favourite characters of all time. I’d like to be involved with anything Star Wars related, a comedy sketch show similar to the likes of Little Britain or Bottom would also be amazing!