Share 3 skills that make you stand out.
1. I’m Australian but have been in the UK for so many years that I’ve gained a soft neutral accent. The skill in this is that I can turn the Aussie up or off depending on what I’m doing!
2. I have 16 years dance training in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop/funk and lyrical styles.
3. I’m in my late twenties but apparently, I could definitely still play a 17-year-old… just ask the cashier people checking my ID at Sainsbury’s!

List any upcoming shows or films you are super excited to see and why?
I’m eagerly anticipating the Barbie film coming out next year for so many reasons. Firstly, because I love Margot Robbie and secondly, because her production company, LuckyChap Entertainment who are producing it! In the past, they have chosen scripts with really strong female characters and so I think with Greta Gerwig as writer/director, their take on Barbie is going to be something unexpected, refreshing and fun!

Dream Role(s)
I have so many dream roles I couldn’t list them all! I think mostly I’d love to play a funny but complex female character. Whether it’s a romantic comedy, a historical drama or a supernatural series I would just love to be in something that was creative, entertaining and addictive to watch!