What do Casting Directors and Industry professionals need to know about you?
I’m a quirky team player who’s ace at taking direction, I get along with pretty much anyone, work my little socks off and I have a crazy positive ‘go get it’ attitude.

Talk us through your voice range and ability?
So in terms of singing, I’ve got a pretty powerful voice, I’m a strong mezzo soprano and I do love to sing a big ballad with a good ol’ belt.

Talking quality, I’ve got quite a soft, gentle voice naturally, which has an enthusiastic tone.

I love to play around with my voice and do different things. I’ll write 30 second game VO ideas as personal exercises, or  work on my Shakespeare voice which generally sits a little lower, it’s more mature and sometimes a bit gravely

Dream Role(s)
Oooo there are so many, but I guess any unhinged female character always does it for me. Watching Lisa from Girl interrupted was probably one of the pivotal moments in my life where I was like yea I wanna be an actor so I can do that….

However, on the flip side to that I would die to be in any Festive film, with romance, comedy and warm storytelling. Also, chuck me in a cat suit and let me stage combat it up in some crazy Marvel world and I’ll be one happy lady. And I guess finally there’s a little soft spot in me that’s always wanted to play Éponine from Les Miserable. She’s a babe.