List a film, a stage production and a book that describes your life
Film: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – I have been very lucky to have plonked myself in many different scenarios around the world; learning from new places and found that family informs everything I do
Stage: anything devised by Sally Cookson; reflective & playful with some musical outbursts thrown into the mix
Book: ‘The Tagalog-English dictionary’ for sure!

You’ve got a date with Andrew Lloyd Webber, where do you go?
We’ll break the ice with Puppy Yoga, chow down on a pizza at Franco Manca’s & have couple of pints before challenging the regulars to a game of pool at my local in Bristol!

Dream Role(s)
I dream about being a part of a comedy sitcom written by Filipino/American comedian Jo Koy, a heroine in a Shakespeare film-adaption, a bold Doctor Who companion or ‘Nancy’ in Oliver Twist