What has been your most fulfilling and meaty TV role to date?
The answer to this question is a complex one – having worked on quite a few award winning shows like Buried, Drop Dead Gorgeous, A&E… I think given its particular requirements (ie: pre watershed restrictions etc) it would have to be Coronation Street. Blessed with great writers and fearless producers during my time there, I was afforded the opportunity to craft a fully three dimensional character in Pat Phelan, that pushed the boundaries of what had gone before in that idiom.

You’re about to launch your next book, what’s its title and what is it about?
The book is titled The Art of Murder. This is the book that offers a brief survey presenting depictions of murder by great artists eg: Judith Slaying HolofernesArtemisia Gentileschi, Death of Marat – Jaques Louis David – The Menaced Assassin, Rene Magritte, Guernica – Pablo Picasso etc. This book accompanies the TV Series of the same name that I present (well if you’re going to manifest…. manifest BIG!) The book would demystify the often misunderstood rationale’s for making this kind of work in non-academic (Layman’s) terms.

Dream Role(s)
-Fagin (Oliver) 
-Ahab (Moby Dick)
-As yet untitled & uncreated: A project about a fat Liverpudlian Painter. Haha.