Given the chance, who would you love to interview and what would be the first question you ask?
Queen Elizabeth 1st – having ruled for 45 years, in a man’s world and during very turbulent times, what was your most difficult and challenging moment?

How would your BAFTA speech start…?
“My whole life has led me to this moment. In this magical mystery tour that has been my life, I have often stumbled, often cried tears of frustration and felt fear. I have journeyed deep to search for the truth in my heart and soul.  Many have inspired me. I have learnt to have faith and belief in myself. So in this moment right now I am filled with joy and gratitude and can honestly say hold on to your faith, your dreams and never give up!

Dream Role
Any role that is thought provoking, moving, inspirational, and deep!
I do love The Crown and many U.S shows like The Good Wife/Fight.