If you could adapt any book for stage, which would it be and why?
I loved reading (and watching the film adaptation) of ‘Girl, Interrupted’ and I think it would be interesting to see it on stage too. Lots of great complex female characters and relationships and it contains several roles I’d love to play.

Talk us through a new skill you have learnt recently?
I started learning to pole dance during the pandemic. Having a background in dance has really helped and it’s been a lot of fun transferring those skills into something totally new. I also self taught myself to play the banjo, guitar and ukulele some time ago, so it’s been fun continuing to practice and learn further.

Dream Role(s)
I love any roles that have a mix of internal vulnerability and external fire. Im especially drawn to characters or projects with a certain darkness to them too, so I love programmes like Black Mirror, and I May Destroy You.