Where does your passion for the Arts come from?
Enrolling into an amateur theatre group, when I was 11. I got up on stage, got stage fright and improvised! I got the whole audience laughing in my first ever performance. I was absolutely hooked from then on! The buzz of your freedom of expression in art, to form people’s emotions and thoughts is electric!


Name 3 Casting Directors you’d love to take for a Nando’s and why
1. Shaheen Baig: She has cast some absolutely unbelievable projects such as ‘The Impossible’ and ‘Black Mirror’, I’d also come dressed appropriately with a sharp suit and a flatcap to see if I can hint at a potential Peaky Blinders appearance.
2. Nina Gold: A queen of the casting world, to get into one of her massive features would be an out of this world experience, a real dream of mine. Star Wars. Imagine that!
3. Des Hamilton: He casts really brilliant gritty British films. I’d love a project to come around similar to ‘This is England’ but set in the Northeast!

I’d only consume the hottest things on the menu too. Without water. As my audition.


Dream Role(s)
In an absolute dream scenario, I’d like to be one of the greatest, one of the next Joker’s in Batman, competing with the legends before like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix, but making it completely mine, completely dark, and individually unforgettable.