Being so young and so focused, who is/are your role model(s)?

I have too many role models to list, but if I had to name a few… Peter Kay and Stephen Graham. For very different reasons. Peter Kay is considered a legend in the hometown of Bolton, and being from there myself, I grew up with his comedy. His blunt, cheeky style is timeless. Stephen Graham is one of my favourite dramatic actors. His dedication is obvious, and I love the way he dives deep into a character’s psyche. Also, an incredible human being.

Another favourite is Maxine Peake. Northern actors told that they weren’t conventionally attractive enough early in their career and totally went against the grain, landing lead roles in many plays and TV shows.

Why should a casting director invite you in?
A casting director should invite me in because I am funny, sweet and full of Northern charm. I’m easy to work with because I’m so enthusiastic about my work, but also adaptable and great at taking direction. When I leave the door, one thing’s for sure… they won’t forget me!

Dream Role
For me, any role is a dream role. I consider myself a chameleon who can adapt to anything, be it drama, romance or comedy. Before my time is up, I want to get a taste of everything. I have to say that I would probably fit best in a comedy, because I am naturally quite dopy and prone to disaster – my life is a lot like a Charlie Chaplin film.