If you could have any superpower on set or on stage, what would it be
I’d love to be able to become the human torch from Fantastic Four. It’s definitely a fire hazard for stage haha! But it would light the whole stage up with incredible energy and excitement and the audience will definitely remember it for the rest of their lives. Also, it looks really cool, and I would be able to fly!

What’s the most challenging thing you have had to overcome, whilst training as an actor?
I have ADHD and at times, mainly earlier on this was challenging. But it has made me develop abilities and a tenacity I would not have tapped into otherwise, while giving me a different perspective and approach which leads to creativity, and it can be a superpower too!

Dream Role(s)
To work with Christopher Nolan. I am a huge fan and his movies have an important place for me from, Interstellar to Dark Knight and most recently Oppenheimer. I would love to be involved in one of his masterpieces and just see the process and how it’s made, from within!