How many languages!?!
I speak French, English, Russian, Armenian and Italian. I also spoke Croatian (Serbian) when I was a kid but lost that. I acquired the languages through travelling during my younger years. I have travelled to 30 countries and lived in more than 10.

Favourite Directors?
Jim Jarmusch, Wes Anderson, Cohen Brothers, Tarantino, Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro, Woody Allen, Jean Pierre Jeunet .. and so many others.

Dream Role?
Something like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
I would also be ecstatic if I had a role of a magical humanoid in a fantasy movie, a witch or a stealthy elf or any character in a fantasy/futuristic film/tv series. Im also a huge gamer, so a character within a mainstream game would be a dream come true for sure!