Tell us a funny audition story?
Waiting in the foyer for my audition, someone walked out of the elevator, our eyes met in acknowledgment, and we smiled at each other. So he waves me over and we start walking down the hallway while he’s offering general info. After about 5 minutes of him talking confidently about the company’s history, he moves on to my role. That’s when he started talking about my responsibilities within the company! At this point I ask “you’re Danny right?” , to which he answers “No. Are you not Erik?” I wasn’t. Long story short. I think I could have had a very happy life as an accountant!

Highlight some skills that everyone should know you have?
Languages are a huge skill because I can speak 4 at  native level: Spanish, French, German and English. But in terms of more physical skills, I train in kickboxing regularly and have been horse riding for years. I can also ride motorcycles. Lastly, I have trained in stage combat and Mocap!

Dream Role(s)
I love big historical epics, so roles like Spartacus and Lawrence of Arabia.

Being a fan of Damien Chazelle, I’d also love to play ‘Seb’ in La La Land and ‘Manny’ in Babylon.